About Dental Support Group

Our Mission

Dental Support Group was founded on the belief that dentists should be able to commit their time to helping people achieve good oral health, without the burdens that come with running a business. Our mission is to help dentists focus on providing state-of-the-art oral care, while our business professionals take care of all other operational responsibilities.

As a dental service organization (DSO), we combine the cost savings and network opportunities of corporate dentistry with the culture and autonomy of owning a private practice. Our team has decades of experience in business management in dentistry, which has allowed us to provide the comprehensive support that dentists need. Through this partnership, our supported dentists can dedicate their time to advancing their dental expertise and enhancing patients’ well-being.

Services we Provide

  • Human Resources: Handle the intricacies of team management, including payroll, benefits, compensation, and compliance.
  • Billing & Collections: Review and support existing billing and insurance claims process.
  • Accounting & Finance Services: Review and support existing accounting and finance services.
  • Marketing: Manage and support all marketing and branding, including Google and social media presence. Update website to bring it to the next level of patient experience, including direct online appointment scheduling.
  • Credentialing: Handle the entire credentialing process
  • Compliance: Provide your office with a personalized and comprehensive approach, which includes assistance with implementing an office compliance program, internal monitoring, and monthly audits of clinical notes, charts, and regulatory updates.
  • Procurement: Negotiate all vendors and suppliers.
  • Business Development: Bring in systems and processes to streamline your patient experience. Assist in all remodeling of the facility and renegotiating of leases as needed.
  • Information Technology: Review your current IT system and bring it to the next level of data security.
  • Technology: Introduce CAD/CAM technology and 3D printing to fully digitize the workflow and improve patient care and experience. Introduce options for in-house aligners to compete with the direct-to-consumer aligner market.
  • Recruiting & Training: Recruit and train all team members, including doctors, hygienists, dental assistants, and business team members. Introduce any specialties that are not offered in your practices.

Meet The Team

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Become an Affiliate

Affiliates of Dental Support Group are provided with all the tools and resources they need to offer exceptional dental care to their patients. Instead of splitting your time between patients and business responsibilities, we carry out day-to-day business tasks while you focus on what matters most: providing high-quality patient care.

Your Dental Retirement Plan

More and more dentists are discovering the benefits of selling part of their practice to a dental service organization (DSO). In addition to having more time to treat patients, you are facilitating a smooth transition into your future retirement.

Instead of having to navigate the stress of exiting your practice, you can concentrate on being the best dentist you can be, choosing to leave when you feel it is the right time. Dental Support Group is dedicated to preserving the team culture you have created, while continuing to enhance patient care.

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Dentists Who Support, Encourage, and Motivate Each Other.
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Careers/Partner With Us

If you are a dental professional looking to join a well-established practice, consider the partnership opportunities at Dental Support Group. Whether you are just beginning your career or have several years of experience, we provide our supported dentists with business management services, allowing them to focus on making the clinical decisions.

Career Path Development

Our partners have access to extensive resources to help them grow professionally. From adopting new technology and systems to holding continuing education and training courses, Dental Support Group is committed to helping dentists become leaders in their specialties. Through this consistent and advanced support, our dentists can accomplish their career goals while delivering the quality care their patients deserve.

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